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      Hire Preferred Shore to make a better impression than competitive listings, avoid costly mistakes and have a better overall experience with your sale.  As your guide, our agents promise to help you:

  • Gain clarity to set a listing price that supports your goal

  • Be confident that your marketing is reaching the best audience 
  • Feel assured that buyer interest is converted to action
  • Be strategic when negotiating for a favorable sale and smooth closing


Waiting is no fun 


Life is too short to be stuck with a house you’ve decided to sell

Experienced Leadership

Founder Robert Milligan designed Preferred Shore to be the most effective home selling solution for customers seeking comprehensive marketing, expert representation and a simple streamlined process. Our Realtors® are equipped with the most effective tools to assist in your sale and are trained to be the most professional agents in the business. His work as a managing broker/owner since 2005 has produced:

Over 6.68 Billion in sales

26,500+ closed sales

Over 1,100 Realtors® hired

Years as a Realtor, Past RASM Director

The Plan

We distribute your listing to thousands of websites using professional photography, high-def video and 3D tours to attract customers from around the world and make it easy for them to buy your house.  

#1 Earned Achievement

Zillow is an important conduit that approximately 2/3rds of all home buyers use in their search.  Preferred Shore is often organically the #1 Realtor account that buyers discover on Zillow for the Sarasota area based on our past sales and number of 5-star reviews.


Preferred Shore agents familiarize themselves with all of our inventory and are available to cover for each other on short notice to make sure no opportunity to sell your home is missed.  Preferred Shore agents team up for maximum open house coverage if open houses are desired.


We cooperate with Realtors® from other brokerages by hosting and attending broker open events, Realtor® MLS meetings and by sending email blasts of our listings to all local Realtors that provide us with trackable stats of who opened the email more than once and may have a customer for your home.

Social Media

We promote your listing with High-def aerial and interior video to targeted audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more. We create targeted ads to audiences who are a good match to potentially buy your home and we inform them of new listings and price adjustment events.

Digital Media

When a customer finds your listing online, it is easy for them to experience a self guided virtual tour. Our software creates a model of the home, complete with a floor plan so buyers can place furniture and imagine themselves living in the space.

Established Performance 

These dots represent just a 12 month snapshot of our agents listing and sale performance. We have a significant amount of experience selling virtually every neighborhood in Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte county.

Strategic Guidance

We provide comparable home sale information to help you set a strategic listing price based on your goals. Your custom listing strategy combines world class digital media with physical promotions to attract buyers from around the world. We create relationships with these prospects and make it easy for them to buy your real estate. Your 5-Star experience with us is always our top priority.

Happy Sellers

Preferred Shore helps real estate owners like you sell quickly for a great price.  

Simple Steps

1)  Schedule an appointment with your Preferred Shore Agent

2)  Choose a strategic listing price

3)  Complete listing documents and disclosures

4)  Prepare the house for photography, video and showings

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